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Sign on Screen

📝 Steps for sign on screen

  1. Click Start Sign-on Screen

  2. Select the desired signee to start the process and then click Start

    Sign on Screen logo

  3. To proceed with the Electronic Signing process, the signee will need to acknowledge the consents and terms and conditions by selecting I agree from the dialog.

    Sign on Screen logo


If your client does not agree to the Electronic Signing consents, they will need to click I Disagree and Cancel the process, and you are obligated to print out the document and get it physically signed with ink.

  1. Click Start

    You will be directed to each signing position which is identified by a yellow box (for initials) and a yellow rectangle (for signatures)

    Sign on Screen logo

  2. Click on the yellow indicator

  3. A popup will appear for the user to provide their signature/intial

    Sign on Screen logo

  1. Use your mouse, stylus or finger to complete the signature/initial
  2. Click Save
  3. The dialog in the banner on the top of the screen will identify where in the electronic signing process you are
  4. Click Next
  5. When the process is complete and if the signee is happy with their signature click the Complete button in the top right-hand corner of the screen, otherwise, click Cancel to remove all of the current signee's signatures and initials from the form.
  6. Repeat for additional signees