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Purchasing User Addons

Individual users within an active agency account have the ability to purchase additional features and services, such as a DocuSign subscription, via the User Addons.


User Addons only apply to the user account that makes the purchase.

To purchase a User Addon:

  1. Click Account Details from the left menu

  2. Select the User Addons tab

  3. Click purchase under the Actions column of the relevant addon

    User Addons logo

  4. Review terms and conditions for addon selected. Acceptance of terms and conditions for addon selected is required to continue.

  5. Click Next

    User Addons logo

  6. Select the desired addon

  7. Select Payment Option

  • Agency Card - Used saved agency credit card


    This option is only available to non-principal users if a principal user has enabled access in Account Details.

  • User Card - Add or Use saved user-only credit card

  • One Time Purchase - Enter credit card details as a once off purchase, card details will not be saved to user account

  1. Choose if addon should be automatically renewed on expiry using saved credit card details

Not available for One Time Purchase option.

  1. Click Purchase

    User Addons logo

  2. A tax invoice and any information relevant to your addon (such as activation links for DocuSign subscriptions) will be emailed to your user email.