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Remote Signing

📝 Steps for remote signing

  1. Open the desired finalised form

  2. Click Signing

  3. Click Start Remote Sign

    Electronic Signature logo

  4. Complete names and signature fields for remote signature requirements

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  5. Select any files you would like to be attached to the form while it is being signed

  6. Click Next

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    Once you have commenced the DocuSign process, you are unable to use Sign on Screen option

  7. Edit the subject and message that will appear in the signing request email for each signee, and click Send

DocuSigned documents are returned to the DocuSign account holder via email when all signatures are completed.

DocuSigned documents are also available within the Electronic Signing in Realworks

Forms that have been sent for remote signing via DocuSign will also be available via logging into your DocuSign account.

To see the process in action, check out our video tutorial on Signing a GTA.