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Info Request


With Info Request, you can send draft forms to recipients for them to complete fields on your behalf. Once the client has entered the required information, the form will be updated on Realworks.

Please note: not all forms can be used with this feature.

Check out our video tutorial or read the step-by-step instructions below!

📝 Requesting information from clients using Info Request:

  1. From the form’s side bar, click the Info Request tab.

    Form logo

  2. Enter the name and contact details of the recipient.

  3. Use the message field to detail the required information (Optional).

  4. Click Send now.

    Form logo

The recipient will be emailed an invitation to view and edit the form.

Once they have entered the information and completed the process, the form will be updated on Realworks with the changes – You will have the opportunity to revise the form and make edits before finalising and sending for signatures.