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Merge Forms


Agents can now review the offers and select the successful purchaser. The new form EF157 Notice of Offer to Purchase - which is used to collect details of potential buyers on a property (could be multiple potential buyers for a single property).

Please note: this feature is exclusive to EF157 Notice of Offer to Purchase.

📝 Pull details from a completed EF157 Notice of Offer into a contract with Merge Forms:

  1. Navigate to the Merge Form tab in the sidebar.
  • The Merge Form tab will be displayed if a form is in draft and the template will display a merge-form tag.
  1. Search for a completed EF157 Notice of Offer forms with the same Premises address as the contract.

    Form logo

  • a form with a matching property id will be highlighted and show Address Match badge
  1. Click Yes, Merge Form button to import data from the completed EF157 into the contract.

    Form logo

  • existing form values will be saved before merging selected form
  1. Click Finish to return to the initial search screen.

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Please note

  • Any fields completed in the EF157 are to be completed in the contract.
  • Field names are standard between the two documents.