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Payment Options

Agency/Office card#

Principal users of Realworks have the ability to store a Credit Card within the Account Details area of Realworks. The ability to use stored Agency/Office credit cards is restricted to Principal users by default.

Enable User Access#

This feature enables Principal users to allow all users of their agency to access the Agency/Office card for the purpose of purchasing of certain addons such as Reports or DocuSign. This feature can be enabled or disabled by Principal users via the Account Details area of Realworks.

User card#

Users have the ability to add and store a credit card against their own user profile in order to purchase reports without re-entering the details. This card is only accessible by this user.

One time purchase#

Users can purchase reports using a credit card on a per use basis, without saving card details.

Once a report has been successfully purchased, the user will receive a tax invoice via email.

Principal users will be able to access purchased report invoices via Account Details/Transactions area